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The 20th "Wood processing industry of Siberia. Wooden house construction industry" exhibition was held on September 17—20, 2013 in "Sibexpocentre" exhibition centre.

The exhibition has been held annually since 1994.

"Sibexpocentre" JSC — a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the leading exhibition company of Eastern Siberia.

Under the patronage of
: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Official assistance:
The Government of Irkutsk region, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Forestry Agency, Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia.

With active participation of:
the Ministry of Industrial Policy and Forestry of Irkutsk region, Forestry Agency of Irkutsk region, Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk region, "Producers and Entrepreneurs Partnership" Irkutsk regional association of employers.

4 days
Total area: 4500 sq.m.
Number of participants: 104 companies
Number of visitors: 7820 people

The opening ceremony was attended by:

Vladimir Pashkov
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk region

Alexey Klimov
Minister of Industrial Policy and Forestry of Irkutsk region;

Vladimir Shkoda
Head of the Forestry Agency of Irkutsk Region

Timur Irtuganov 
Vice-president of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia;

Yuri Logachev
President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk region;

Viktor Tikhonov
Vice-President of Eastern Siberian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Andrei Shapovalov
General Director of "Sibexpocentre" JSC

Vladimir Pashkov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk region noted that although now is difficult time to develop the industry as a whole, but the forest industry shows progress: — People working in this industry are the industry vanguard of Irkutsk region. And what is doing in this direction in Angara region, is doing a lot, it can be seen even in Moscow. The governor Sergei Eroschenko entrusted me to welcome everyone and congratulate on the opening of such a necessary and important for our region exhibition. I am sure that these kinds of events contribute to the development of the forest industry and the economy of Irkutsk region in general. I wish that to all participants exhibition will end with conclusion of contracts.

For Alexei Klimov, Minister of Industrial Policy and Forestry of Irkutsk Region speech at the exhibition opening was the first official performance in the new position. Alexei Klimov said that he was resolute:

"It's time we move away from the practice of raw log exports", the minister said, "and we do have opportunities including technical opportunities to process wood. I am more than confident that improvements in the timber processing complex will be and it is already visible".

Timur Irtuganov, Vice-President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia congratulated the participants on the two holidays: past professional Day of the forest and today's exhibition opening:
 — We do not just open the exhibition, and we open the exhibition with a high reputation. At these kinds of venues as the "Sibexpocentre" we should meet, communicate, and develop our own position, defend our own views. And for these purposes we need "Forest and Man — Siberia" forum.

After the official exhibition opening Vladimir Pashkov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk Oblast and all heads of ministries and departments visited the exhibition. More than 100 companies from different regions of Russia and foreign countries presented on their exhibition stands machinery and equipment for wood processing and furniture production, "sandwiches" made of wooden panels for house making, stairs of different wood types for a country house, forestry equipment, drying equipment and many other things. Vladimir Pashkov asked many exhibitors: what bars production development? Answers are expected, different and at the same time similar: there are no skilled labor, young people do not want to learn working professions, people are not willing to pay for quality, etc.


Geography of participants:
Russia, Austria, Germany, China, Latvia.

Irkutsk region — 53%
Other regions of Russia — 34%
Foreign participants — 13%

Geographical distribution among regions of Russia:

Moscow, Irkutsk, Izhevsk, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Krasnoyarsk, Kirov, Ust-Ilimsk, Yekaterinburg, Ussuriysk, Bratsk, Maykop, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Murom, Angarsk.

Spheres of exhibitors' activity:

Woodworking machinery — 38%
Logging equipment — 11%
Logging and wood processing enterprises — 17%
Wood house-building, sawn wood, furniture — 17%
Related services — 17%

Participants demonstrated the latest achievements and technologies, equipment, machines and tools for forest, woodworking industries, wood house- construction and cabinet making.

Large equipment — new models of harvesters and forwarders of well-known European brands, fellerbuncher, different timber loaders, machines for wood processing, forest protection fire engine, all-terrain vehicle, also mobile and prefabricated modular buildings for complete set of camps — was presented on the ground in front of the "Sibexpocentre".


Visitors' structure:
Officials and higher level managers — 55%
Specialists — 36%
Buyers — 9%

Geography of visitors:

Russia (Irkutsk Oblast, Volgograd, Moscow, Kemerovo, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Respublika Buryatiya, Respublika Tyva, Altai Krai, Zabaykal'sk Krai), Belarus, China, Italy, Latvia, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Japan.

Irkutsk region — 80%
Other regions of Russia — 17%
Foreign participants — 3%

"Forest and Man — Siberia" Forum, organized by the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia jointly with the Government of Irkutsk region, caused considerable interest. Meetings, discussions and round tables consistently collected a full conference room.

"Forest complex of Siberia — an intensive development model" plenary meeting was held within the framework of "Forest and Man — Siberia" forum, it was opened by Vladimir Pashkov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk region. Alexey Klimov, Minister of Industrial Policy and Forestry of Irkutsk region acted as speaker.
Vladimir Pashkov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk region noted:
 — Irkutsk region is now one of the leaders in the harvesting and processing of timber in the country. Forest industry is a leading industry in the region's economy. Its further development is associated with increase of volumes and introduction of new deep processing mechanisms.
Among the speakers — Nikolai Shmatkov, Project Coordinator of forest policy of Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia), Nikolai Kozhemyako, Deputy General Director of Project Management of "State Scientific Center of the timber industry complex" Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Garik Gasparyan, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry of Bratsk State University, Denis Voronkov, Head of Sales of MICHAEL WEINI firm in the CIS countries, Pavel Korolev, Chairman of the committee on development of the forest industry and forestry of Irkutsk region of Eastern Siberian Chamber of Commerce an Industry.
One of the main forum issues was discussion of forest legislation improvement. As Vitaly Akberdin, deputy chief of conservation and protection of forests of the Federal Forestry Agency, noted that legislative changes would affect issues of liaising with forest areas tenants, forest health protection, forest fire fighting organization.
The representative of the Federal Forestry Agency said that the department was developing a standard documentation for interaction with forest areas tenants which, in particular, would include the possibility of contracts dissolution under a pre-action protocol for non-payment of rent, failure to comply with measures for forests protection, preservation and restoration.

The Forum included 5 round tables discussions on topics:
"State support measures for Forestry enterprises", moderator is Nikolai Kozhemyako, Deputy General Director of Project Management of "State Scientific Center of the timber industry complex" Federal State Unitary Enterprise.
"Improvement of forest law on forests" protection and conservation", moderator is Vitaly Akberdin, Deputy Head of the conservation and protection of forests of the Federal Forestry Agency
"Legal and sustainably harvested wood for Asian "green" markets: challenges and prospects", moderator is Nikolai Shmatkov, Project Coordinator of forest policy of Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia).
"Use and utilization of wood processing waste", moderator is Vasily Ziryanov, Vice-President of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Irkutsk region.
"Methods of effective personnel policy of forestry",
moderator is Garik Gasparyan, Dean of the Faculty of Reproduction and Processing of Forest Resources of Bratsk State University.

Irkutsk region forestry has something to strive for and "Forest and Man — Siberia" forum — is a great place for strategic decisions making.


Extensive advertising campaign was held to provide the success of "Forest management. Woodworking. Wood house-building" exhibition, it included:
E-mailing of invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the exhibition, specialized and information portals — about 30 resources;
Placement of advertising models and information in specialized, information and infotainment print media — more than 35 publications;
Advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte social networking sites;
Banner advertising on the main page of the information portal;
Outdoor Advertising (posters) — 190 sheets;
Outdoor advertising (billboards) — Shelekhovsky highway, Kachug highway, the area of "Znamenski" market;
Broadcast commercials and broadcast stories in local and regional television channels there are Russia, STS, Russian Sports, Ren TV;
Rent of promotional audio clips on radio stations, there are Autoradio, Chanson;

The distribution of media recourses among Russian regions and other countries: Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Respublika Buryatiya, Primorskiy Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Izhevsk, Kaluga Oblast, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ukraine.

Types of media:

Information printed — 13%
Specialized printed — 32%
Television — 5%
Specialized portals — 22%
Information Portals — 17%
Social networking — 3%
Outdoor advertising — 5%
Audio advertising (radio) — 3%

"Forest management. Woodworking. Wood house-building" exhibition ended September 20 with summary of work and best exhibitors' awards. Participants noted with satisfaction that the exhibition was a success, four days went too quickly — meetings, negotiations, participation in meetings and roundtables discussions of "Wood and Man — Siberia" forum.
Participants of the exhibition and the forum recognized that both events are important to Irkutsk and to the whole region. Representatives of business and government met at the ground of "Sibexpocentre" — negotiations were held, arrangements on certain issues were reached, agreements on further cooperation were signed.

Bratsk State University at the closing ceremony in connection with a special anniversary — the 20th participation in the exhibition received a special award.
The rest of the exhibition participants were awarded certificates, gold and silver stars.

GOLD STAR was awarded to:
"UNiK" Irkutsk, LLC

Remind you that the 21st "Forest management. Woodworking. Wood house-building" exhibition will be held on September 16—19, 2014 in "Sibexpocentre" exhibition complex.

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of the exhibition!

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